Friday, June 24, 2011

Is that what I think it is?

Okay so I recently visited Sadar area in Hyderabad, I guess after a few months, to eat the illusive "Gol Gappas" of Sadar which are famous in all Hyderabad, its like the Burns Road gol gappas in Karachi. Okay so not long ago there used to be a shop selling DVD's near the gol gappay wala, well it closed and guess what opened next? come on guess harder, okay I am going to spill the beans now, a DAMN LIQUOR SHOP!, yeah you heard me right, here is a picture:
Pictured above: An atrocity to our beloved culture.

Some of you might say what is the big deal there are numerous such shops all over Pakistan big deal!, we could care less, right?. Well the thing that shocked me the most is that this shop had a license to sell liquor openly from the government to non-Muslims, but most of its customers are Muslims. I think shops like these should have actions took against them as they are destroying the sanctity of our religion. Also I would like to add to the scandalous talk that this shop was being guarded by a proper  Police men in uniform. According to me if the law institutions of a country fail to serve its citizens, then only we can pray to God to help us survive, Ameen.


  1. Whoa. This is awesome. Period.

    Following you :)


  2. I know about this :/
    It is quite sad to see :(

  3. there's one in D.H.A, near my house.
    it has a massive sign that says WINE SHOP.
    and that's it! it's in full view of everybody and it's been there forever, nobody has done anything to shut it down. pretty awful stuff.