Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Damn writer's block =/

Heyyyyooo long time no blogging =P. How are you all? hope everything is fine at your end =)

Okay lets get down to updating you on current happenings in my world of boredom. Well like I said in my earlier posts that we were moving from Karachi to Hyderabad. Well it was a one of a kind experience to say the least, imagine this four in the morning in a car headed to Hyderabad, yeah it was awesome =P. Got some pics of the whole ordeal for you,
Never miss the opportunity for a good profile picture =P

"Zor laga kay haya" the goods being loaded into the truck.

Its 4 am and I could care less.


"Yeah I am on the highway to Hyderabad!"

Okay so we arrived in Hyderabad around 7:30 am, and half an hour later I was back to work arranging the furniture and other stuff in our Hyderabad house, well not all of it just you know putting the things in their righteous places. Well after that that day till recently it has been about three weeks I assume, I have been neck deep in helping my mother in you know properly arranging the furniture and show pieces around the house and since we still do not have internet in our Hyderabad house, yeah you guessed it I was unable to update my blog.

There comes a point in every O level students life when he decides which A level college he has to join this choice is mostly dependent on the grades that a student gets, in my case it was more on where I lived, yeah I am not pulling your leg here. Hyderabad has only two A level colleges one is the Army Public School and the other Beaconhouse School System Senior Branch. After considering the choices I had I went with Beaconhouse since you know its been my school for past eleven years or so, so I just wanted to continue my loyalty to the school. I had you going there for a second didn't I? =P the only reason I am really going to Beaconhouse is because of its scholarship program and well because Army public's admissions are closed for good.

I have decided that in the future I will get a degree in Liberal Arts, that in Economics, so in A level I will have to chose business group in A levels, which sucks because I will have to take Accounts too which according to my friends who took accounts in O levels will get difficult in the second year of A levels, on top of that I have no information of Accounts at all since I took all science subjects in O levels. Right now I can only hope that the future years are kind to me.

Even though I may not be an emperor, still I deserve an cartoon fim on me too don't I?
Ever changed schools, then you know how difficult it is to adjust in a new environment, even though I have like changed schools like three times before I still have a feeling that it is going to be hard being with a new crowd with a different thinking then what I am used to in Karachi. It is going to be like venturing into a new tribe that I just discovered in the illusive Amazon rainforest =P
No not that kind of tribe sheesh :| 
Well I am running out of things to write so I am just going to bid farewell for now. Always remember to have a good time oh and before I sign off, something for your pleasure, 
Only in Hyderabad: A clinic for healthy children.
Adios mates! :)